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Agreement and code of conduct- all participants must sign a copy of this agreement before commencement of the escape room. Participants under the age of 18yrs, must have a guardian sign this code of conduct on their behalf.

While participating in escaperoom51, I give the following assurances

i) I will not seek damages or compensation from the owners of escaperoom51 for any injury which may occur to myself during the course of participation in escaperoom51 which is the result of any reckless or foolhardy behaviour on my part.

ii) Neither will I seek damages or compensation for injury which may occur to myself due to mishandling of any furniture or utensils.

iii) I will not use drugs, consume any alcohol or be involved in any behaviour while I am in the room which is not consistent with the purpose of the escape room.

iv) I will not seek damages for any injury or offence caused to me by a member of my participating group if they breach i),ii) or iii) of the conditions outlined above, from the owners of escaperoom51.

v) I declare myself to be in a suitable physical and mental health state to be able to participate in the escape room experience.

vi) I understand that at any time I want to exit the escape room I am free to do so.

vii) In the unlikely event that I need emergency medical attention any associated costs incurred , eg. an ambulance is called or similar, then I will accept any costs incurred and not seek compensation from the proprietors of escaperoom51.

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