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Who Should Do An Escape Room?

Have you wanted to book an escape room for an event or party but wasn’t sure if it would be age appropriate for the group? Or wanted to take the family out for a challenging adventure but didn’t know if you could bring your children with you? Here is our advice on who should do an escape room.

What is the Best Age Group for an Escape Room?

As escape room puzzles can be quite challenging and difficult to understand and complete, we recommend that older teenagers and adults are best suited for the escape room experience.

There are many clues to find around the room, puzzles to solve and padlocks to unlock that anyone who enjoys a mental challenge would love! There is a hint button available as well in case the problems are too complex or difficult to solve. This way, the escape room experience can be somewhat dictated by you!

At Escape Room 51, the number of people in a group range from 2 to 16 people, therefore, the more people you have in your group, the easier it can be to work together to solve the clues! Working in a larger group means that you are able to combine ideas and thoughts so while you may miss a clue or not know how to work out a puzzle, chances are someone else in the group knows how to.

Escape rooms are also perfect for team building activities and challenges. Escape rooms help to formulate bonds between people as they have to work together and cooperate in order to escape the room in under an hour. They also help in communication skills through not just clearly articulating ideas but also listening to the ideas of your team members.

Are Escape Rooms Suitable For Children?

While the puzzles are recommended for older age groups, children are more than welcome to come along for the experience. Many children love the experience of working together in a team and sharing in the excitement when a puzzle is solved. There are many opportunities for them to help out such as looking for clues, especially when they are closer to the ground where they can reach them! It is suggested that if there are younger people in the group, there is someone older than 16 to be able to help out with the more difficult puzzles and challenges.

Contact Escape Room 51 today to book your unique and challenging escape room experience for your family, event or team bonding activity today!

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