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What Is An Escape Room?

Have you wondered what an escape room actually is? Or wondered if it is really as challenging and difficult as everyone thinks? Here is everything you need to know about the escape room experience.

An escape room consists of various challenges and puzzles to work through and solve in order to escape the locked room. The clues are designed to challenge your mind as they are hidden all around the room and drive you to think logically about the puzzle in front of you. Often rooms have a theme which can make knowing what clues to look for a little bit easier.

These rooms usually have a time limit of 1 hour to complete. If not completed, you may be offered a little bit extra time (depending on scheduling) to complete the room. Otherwise, you will be walked through the solution with one of our team members. While 1 hour may seem like a long time, in the escape room time goes by quickly, therefore working through the puzzles fast is key!

These rooms are suitable for groups of between 2 and 16 people, however the more people you have on your team the more perspectives on the room you have, meaning you can solve the clues faster and easier! We recommended escape room experiences for late teens or adults, but children are more than welcome to be a part of the experience and contribute to finding and solving the clues.

Escape Rooms are perfect for healthy competition between friends and family, a different and interactive place to have a birthday party and or for your next team building exercise to help you build strength and unity within the staff of your organisation or business.

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