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Our New Escape Room!

Escape Room 51 is excited to announce the opening of their new escape room, The Gaol which is sure to challenge you to think in new ways in order to escape the room! This is in combination with our Mystique Hotel which is sure to test your brain! Here is a little bit of information about each of our escape rooms.

The Mystique Hotel

The Mystique Hotel puts you and your team into a hotel room where you find out that the previous person has placed a bomb in the room. It is your job to find the bomb and disarm it, then to find the key in order to open the door.

This escape room is perfect for teams from 2 to 16 people. However, if you are looking at booking for a large group, make sure that you are comfortable with everyone in your group because it gets tight in the room!

The Gaol

New Escape Room - The GaolThe Gaol is our new escape room that is available for you to test yourself and your team to see if you can escape the room.

The aim of The Gaol is to get out after you were mistakenly jailed. The previous person that escaped before you has left clues in order to help you escape and complete your challenge.

The maximum amount of people that can be in the Gaol is 3 people, however, 2 people is preferred due to the small space.

The Gaol is also more difficult than the Mystique Hotel and is tailored to those who have already completed the previous escape room. Our recommendation is that you complete The Mystique Hotel first before you attempt the Gaol.

Contact us today to book your escape room experience in our Mystique Hotel or The Gaol and see if you can escape the room.

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