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How Long Do Escape Rooms Take?

Escape Room 51 provides one of the best escape room challenges in Western Sydney / Penrith. One powerful component is the added pressure of a time constraint. From start to finish, the escape room challenge lasts for 1 hour and 45 minutes including a briefing beforehand. The room itself has a time limit of 60 minutes in order for you to escape.

However, if your group does not manage to escape the room within the allocated 60 minutes, we can offer a few extra minutes to complete the room if your group was nearing the end. We may not be able to offer extra time if we are running behind schedule due to another group starting later than their allocated time or if there is a group waiting for their session following yours. This is because we allocate 30 minutes after a groups session in the escape room to reset the room for the next booking, making sure that each group has a fair opportunity to escape the room.

Don’t forget, there is always the option to have a hint to help you escape the room. If time is running out for your group and you are stuck on a clue, ask for a hint. Many people have escaped the room using hints, so there is no reason why you can’t either!

Alternatively, if you do not escape in the allocated time, one of our team members will lead you and your group through the remaining challenges that you missed and show you how to escape the room.

When you are completing your escape room challenge, it is important to remember the time constraints in place to help push you to complete the escape room in a faster time. Contact us today to book your escape room experience and see if you can solve the escape room.

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