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Are Escape Rooms Hard?

Have you thought about attempting to do an escape room but have not tried because it sounded like it was too hard? Or thought that you may struggle to complete it? Never fear! Here is our explanation on why escape rooms are hard and how you can beat them.

The idea of an escape room is that the puzzles are challenging and difficult to solve. However, this doesn’t mean that they are completely impossible to work out! If you find that your group is struggling to complete the puzzles, you can ask for a hint from our team by using the hint button.

Our team at Escape Room 51 will be monitoring you throughout your escape room experience using our cameras and microphones so we can provide the appropriate hints along the way to help you escape the room. Your experience in the escape room won’t be recorded in any form.

Ultimately, the best way to solve the escape room is to have a large team with you to help solve the more difficult puzzles. With many minds all working on the same puzzle, it becomes easier to solve the puzzle’s meaning and you can get through them quicker enabling you to escape the room in a faster time.

The most important thing to remember is communication. While these escape rooms look challenging and seem impossible to do, communicating with your group is the secret to being able to escape faster. Don’t try to work out the whole room by yourself. Instead, ask for help from your group members and try to figure out the clues together.

Contact the team at Escape Room 51 today to book your escape room experience and see if you can beat our room.

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